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kBOS technology for unified process and knowledge management solutions

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The kBOS Strategic Knowledge Management approach consists of a methodology supported platform for developing knowledge management capabilities, knowledge-centric solutions and knowledge networking for business, scientific,  or public organisations.   The kBOS Technology has been specially designed to deliver organisational responsiveness and performance control.

Many innovative companies have long appreciated the value of knowledge management to improve their processes, products and customer service and to create competitive advantage. The level of interest in knowledge management has grown dramatically during recent years as enterprises recognise that they operate in a knowledge economy and that knowledge is their most valuable asset.  At the same time knowledge management 
theories and technologies have reached the maturity level required for business confidence and endorsement.

Knowledge Management is about the protection, development and exploitation of knowledge assets.

The kBOS platform supports a unified process and knowledge management approach that highlights the interlinking of knowledge management and knowledge-centric solutions with business strategy, business processes, and business performance control.  

Simply, kBOS supports the deployment of knowledge and knowledge management as part of the normal business operation. Measurement and learning processes are used  to enhance organisational responsiveness and performance control.


Integration framework for Business Process Management and Knowledge Management

The Resource Based Perspective of corporate strategy  advocates the leveraging of resources and capabilities in many products for different markets rather that focusing on specific products targeting specific market segments. Competitive advantage can then be attained primarily through knowledge driven dynamic capabilities, which possess barriers to both imitation and mobility. The term ‘dynamic’ refers to strategic responses required when time-to-market and timing is critical, the pace of innovation is accelerating and the nature of future competition and markets is uncertain.

Knowledge driven dynamic capabilities should support adaptation through reconfiguration, integration and innovation of organisational competencies. This requires companies to combine their knowledge on markets and products with change adaptation knowledge and IT infrastructure. Service Oriented Architecture SOA, semantic web services and related standards are now creating the required enabling IT infrastructure.

kBOS Knowledge Management
White Papers

Knowledge Management Review
KM review concluding that we need methodological support not for building knowledge management solutions but for using knowledge management in business process management and business intelligence solutions.
    KM Review.pdf

Knowledge management implementation trends
Knowledge management implementation trends are analysed to provide a picture of the actual status of Knowledge Management in business; why is it used, where, how and what has been successful.    
KM implementation trends.pdf

The kBOS Platform
Total Knowledge Management 

The added value  proposition from the kBOS knowledge management platform  is enhanced system flexibility coupled with  high value knowledge services enabling organisations to optimise their performance.

kBOS Platform - Total Knowledge Management.pdf 

Strategic Knowledge Management 
White Papers

SKM1: An introduction to
Knowledge oriented Strategy
and Strategic Knowledge Management Capabilities

This paper examines developments in the fields of economics, strategic management and ICT in the context of the growing global knowledge economy. It highlights the convergence of management and technological drivers towards knowledge oriented strategies and strategic knowledge management capabilities.
SKM1b An introduction to Knowledge oriented Strategy and Strategic Knowledge Management Capabilities.pdf

SKM2: Development Strategic Knowledge Management Solutions
The strategic knowledge management scope is defined at three levels: business strategy, knowledge management capability and strategic knowledge centred capabilities. The basic building blocks are company-specific knowledge assets, which combine to form competences in turn used by organizational processes to provide capabilities suited to achieving corporate strategies. Each stage consists of recursive steps that develop knowledge until the necessary competence or capabilities are achieved.
Development of Strategic KM Solutions.pdf

SKM3: Knowledge Principles and Knowledge Networking

Knowledge is defined as re-usable information in a specific context. Knowledge Networking is defined as the interconnection and co-ordination of knowledge through context models. 
 Knowledge principles and knowledge networking.pdf  


Maximising business value
The kBOS platform supports the integration of processes across organisational boundaries and handles a dynamic environment where people and systems are constantly changing. 

The kBOS technology enables the development of agile robust enterprises that can respond fast to challenges by:

   ·   learning faster than the competition;
·   understanding customer requirements fast;
·   creating new processes quickly.

The kBOS platform
The kBOS platform comprises of the following core components:
·       Organisational, business and information  modelling tools;
·       Work flow engine;
·       Document management;
·       Content management;
·       Application and Process Integration ( A2A and B2B) tools;
·       Web services middleware;
·       Datawarehousing;
·       Development Support for Applications (plug-ins).  

The kBOS Knowledge-centric Solutions
·       Strategic Knowledge management solutions - Strategic Knowledge
     Management Solutions.pdf

·       Total Corporate Optimisation -Total Corporate Optimisation.pdf
·       Quality management - Total Quality and Training .pdf
·       Total CSR Solutions-Total CSR.pdf 

Fast Return on Investment
kBOS solutions offer the management of corporate organisations  the level of control, visibility and participation they need to meet their unique business requirements and specifically the ability to:
·   Reduce costs by identifying low value, non-strategic, redundant, or poorly performing processes, projects or products;
·   Optimise the use of critical resources by focusing on investments that are most valuable to the business;
·   Maximise the utilisation of knowledge assets and optimise the development of competitive knowledge;
·   Achieve competitive advantage by reducing the time required to realign investment, processes, projects and products with rapidly changing business needs;
·   Control the strategy, processes and systems and ultimately profitability. 

SKM4: An Integration Framework for e-Learning and Knowledge Management- the LKM Framework Integrated e-Learning and Knowledge Management (LKM) is defined as an approach aimed at delivering  enhanced efficiency of training programmes by utilising organizational knowledge as a learning resource for user oriented learning services.
An integrated framework for e-learning and knowledge managment.pdf

The value, responsiveness and responsibility dimensions of strategic management
Strategic management theories are analysed with respect to value, responsiveness and responsibility criteria and the output is summarised in the 4CR strategic management classification.
The value, responsiveness and responsibility dimensions of strategic management .pdf

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