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kBOS Strategic Knowledge Management

We define strategic knowledge management as the development  of an organisational-wide  knowledge management capability designed to provide sustainable competitive advantage. 


The ‘knowledge economy’ and the ‘information society’ have become the recognised cornerstones of the developed economies as the balance between knowledge and other resources has shifted so far towards the former that knowledge has become perhaps the most important factor determining the standard of living in knowledge economies and the competitiveness of companies. There is considerable evidence that the intangible component of the value of high technology and service companies far outweighs the tangible value of its physical assets. According to New Growth economics a country's capacity to take advantage of the knowledge economy depends on how quickly it can become a "learning economy”. In the "learning economy" individuals, firms, and countries create wealth in proportion to their capacity to learn and share innovations.


The Resource Based Perspective of strategy highlights that companies have differentiated resources, capabilities, and endowments and creates an understanding of strategy formulation addressing intangible resources. One of the principal insights of the Resource Based Perspective is that company resources are not of equal importance or possess the potential to be a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Much attention has focused therefore, on the characteristics of advantage-creating resources, which possess barriers to both imitation and mobility. The Resource Base Perspective of corporate strategy  advocates that competitiveness is sustainable primarily through dynamic knowledge capabilities, which can be difficult to imitate or acquire.

A strategic knowledge management capability enables an organisation to combine its knowledge on markets and products with change adaptation knowledge to gain sustainable competitive advantage.


Three key ICT developments have a significant impact on the strategic development of Knowledge Management capabilities:

·       Mobile communications

·       Dynamic integration (web services and intelligent agents)

·       Semantic solutions


Strategic Knowledge Management  is based on establishing a Strategic Knowledge Management framework that defines all the key elements of Knowledge Management and their interaction with business strategy, organisational design and business processes.  Such a framework should guide the specification of knowledge dynamics (knowledge units, degrees of freedom, clustering, transfer, mediation, learning, momentum) as well as knowledge value and knowledge development models. The Strategic Knowledge Management Framework should create a knowledge view of the organisation and use knowledge dimensions as the basis for its competitive position in a specific industry.

Technology and business models can then be  combined to produce strategic  knowledge management capabilities that will deliver sustainable advantage


An introduction to Knowledge oriented Strategy KoS and Strategic Knowledge Management Capabilities

An introduction to Knowledge oriented Strategy and Strategic Knowledge Management Capabilities.pdf

Competitive strategy for highly dynamic uncertain markets is increasingly based on leveraging resources and capabilities in many products for different markets rather that focusing on specific products targeting specific market segments.

Strategic knowledge management can support such approaches through synergetic design and development of strategy, knowledge dynamics and semantic based technologies.

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