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kBOS Introduction

Empowering customers to be in control of their business



Evidently in any dynamic environment, whether it is car racing or flexible production or landing in Mars, the winner is the one with the better control system.



The new knowledge economy is distinguished by its emphasis on immediate recognition of change triggers and adaptation, in contrast to the traditional emphasis on optimisation strategies based on prediction of relevant business patterns. 

The kBOS Knowledge Networking Solutions support responsiveness and performance control by exploiting the flexibility of networking technology and the power of organisational knowledge. 

Consequently, most enterprises are facing the challenge of transforming to Real Time Enterprises coupled with critical demands for anticipatory responses through enhanced organisational ability to adapt fast and accurately to an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment. These business requirements point to solutions based on theories for control systems.   

The operation of cars, aeroplanes, engines and most electrical appliances and instruments used in every day life is based on feedback control.  System’s response is controlled through measuring the difference between desired and actual output and providing corrective compensation.  Dynamic control is obviously more difficult in the context of organisational/business complexity. This complexity arises from the interdependence of business, management and technological variables and creates serious difficulties in defining control criteria (i.e. measurement(s) of the organisational system performance), the feedback loop(s) associated with the selected criterion or criteria and critically the control mechanisms.


The kBOS way for business control is the Knowledge Networking Solution. Such solutions are based on a coherent methodological framework that brings Knowledge Management Business Process Management and Enterprise Integration to bear on the organisational ability to understand and react optimally to internal or external threats and opportunities.


A crucial precondition for business control is enterprise integration.  Process engineering provides both support for integration and facilitates measurement and feedback loop design. The key, however, to a responsive organisation is innovation in control mechanisms. SOA, semantic web services and related standards are providing new options and a springboard for innovation.


The route to transforming an enterprise into a controllable organisational system is and will remain a difficult mission. However, adaptability is necessary for enterprises wishing to create sustainable profitability and it is feasible with today’s technology (even though some technology has not yet reached maturity). The key  is selecting the initial priorities/ focus and expanding building on success. The kBOS knowledge networking solutions provide  support in this direction.




kBOS dynamic solutions


The kBOS Knowledge Networking Solutions address the challenges of operating in a highly dynamic competitive market and a highly distributed business environment. Some of the challenges are:

·   Monitoring and reacting to new and changing competition

·   Readiness to exploit new technologies or market innovations;

·   Fast product cycles and frequent updates;

·   Managing  distributed mobile or remote employees;

·   Handling a high number of inquiries from different communication channels;

·   Interacting on line with many partners and customers;

·   Managing critical dependencies on suppliers and business partners.



kBOS Delivers Business control


·   Increased sales through improved interaction with customers and enhanced product quality;

·   Increased speed of access to the right information by the right people;

·   Ability to involve the right people at the right time inside and outside the organisation;

·   Innovation support through knowledge management;

·   Ability to develop competitive knowledge;

·   Ability to operate in compliance  with corporate policies / rules and applicable regulations;

·   Flexibility to re-organise/re-engineer and to manage change.

kBOS solutions deliver information control

Loosely coupled processes that span different systems, departments and organisations are difficult to manage.  As a result, few organisations are able to direct up to date information to their employees, customers and partners with any degree of control.


Even fewer organisations can manage efficiently their knowledge assets. As a result, employees are often hampered in their ability to perform every day tasks and to respond fast to customer requests or business change. Management decisions are often not based on the latest information and organisational knowledge, causing missed opportunities due to long decision making processes.


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