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kBOS Process Optimisation

Multi dimensional Optimisation of Business Processes

The true value of a Business Process Management (BPM) solution emerges only when it has been optimised along several dimensions. kBOS supports process and knowledge management optimisation along the following dimensions:

·   the enterprise strategy;

·    the industry;

·    the employee competencies;

·    business networks;

·    resources including  technology infrastructure.

kBOS is possibly the only BPM platform that offers process  optimisation along different techno economic dimensions.

kBOS optimisation does not merely attempt to rationalise the sequence of process activities and eliminate duplication.  A business process is viewed as the complete and dynamically coordinated set of collaborative and transactional activities performed by people and systems to deliver customer value determined by four optimisation value goals:

a)         improved product quality

b)         improved customer service

c)         reduced cycle time

d)         reduced cost to the customer.

Because BPM delivers solid ROI and both short-term and long-term VOI, business organisations are gravitating to its use. It is expected that process optimisation will become common practice, driven by competitive, financial quality and compliance requirements. 
Gartner research report June 2003. 

Different business process characteristics are considered carefully to ensure that customer value is maximised by full utilisation of strategic networks and knowledge based core competencies within resource, regulatory and risk management constraints. The learning process is engrained in all processes to help managers develop a more systematic and dynamic perspective. Further, risk management and compliance support for industry directives and national or international regulations is included as part of the optimised business process.



Key Business Process Characteristics

·   Maturity associated with time and process knowledge;

·   Dependent on and supportive of the human judgment;

·   Large and complex, involving the end-to-end flow and transformation of materials and information;

·   Dynamic, responding to demands from customers and to changing market and technology conditions;

·   Widely distributed and customised across businesses boundaries, often spanning multiple applications on disparate technology platforms;

·   Long running, involving instances of a process such as "requisition" or "develop product" running for days or even months;

·   Partly automated to increase speed and reliability and to minimise cost;

·   Difficult to document and apply consistently without management commitment.

BPM solutions which do not consider knowledge development as an integral part of an enterprise solution are underutilising a key corporate asset.


The unique core processes that power an enterprise can be streamlined and automated and key processes can be leveraged for competitive and strategic value. The achievement of excellence in one or more value metrics, where the market place clearly recognises the advantage, provides disproportionate results and sustained increase in market share. Competitive processes are valued by the customer and shareholder and are critical to get right. They are the processes identified by the business strategy as critical to excel in order to match or beat the competition.


To our knowledge kBOS is the only process and knowledge management  platform providing the means to a multi dimensional optimisation of core, strategic and competitive processes with integrated support for quality and risk management. 

Measure the Benefit

Return On Investment comes from process improvements including the better use of knowledge assets and not from software or technology.


Optimised processes, particularly with respect to knowledge development and use, will support optimum resource utilisation and  improved productivity and innovative capacity.

It is expected that BPM solutions  will be adopted more widely within organisations and their use will become more routine as employees and executives understand how much time and money they save—and the savings can be dramatic. Process time and cost can be easily measured. The effects of improved customer interactions can be monitored.

Key competitive dimensions:

·   Product performance

·   Product introduction rate

·   Global market reach

·   Resource leverage

·   Customer loyalty

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