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Process management features

Key Process Management Features

Performance/Throughput capacity

Highly efficient engine, with capacity to run on top of a distributed cluster of servers.

Process design

The process design tools can express the real complexity of business processes to the smallest details. Facilities for complexity management, exception handling, process monitoring and verification.

Task orientation

Task definition including links to organisational elements, information, deadlines, and events.

Access rights

The capability to link each individual task/activity to the participant with the correct level of access rights according to role in the organization.

Context based information filtering

The Context provides the kBOS mechanism for using structural business models for information filtering purposes. Context enables the generation of different views of processes or objects for users that belong to different companies, different business units or different project work packages.


Action Definition

A straightforward approach to process execution with unique user actions.


Additional flexibility is provided by a library of basic actions and facilities for scripted actions to implement specific requirements

Process supervision

Process status per user including supervising facilities for offered/accepted states, suspend, delegated or rerouted.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Message queuing, application adapters, COM distributed integration and two-level transaction support. kBOS provides integration facilities in a workflow solution using XML technologies. Business objects can be imported or exported using XML files which are based on the BOS XSD object definition schema.

Process administration

Business activity monitoring for controlled processes using data warehousing techniques


Good performance when working with other integration technologies — (e.g. working with BEA Tuxedo through third party adaptors)


Customisable change management for organisational parameters, roles process design and content.


An easy approach to new process integration and deployment

Internet Support

The user interface can be operated from a simple Web browser. This covers the following functions: process navigation menu, work list notification, activity transfer and execution, graphical process status, and starting a procedure instance.

Agents framework and Ready-to-use agents

The kBOS Process Agents framework provides the means for the kBOS Platform to interface and interact with external applications, events, data or web services (called ‘external providers’) by integrating them in a Process Definition.

Web services management

Ability to expose work flow or any part of a  KBOS solution as web service.

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