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qBOS Enterprise Quality Management


The qBOS Enterprise Quality Suite offers powerful and specialised business solutions supporting the efficient and effective design, implementation and improvement of a quality driven business operation. It offers a choice of modules that can be combined and customised to address the unique requirements of every organisation.

qBOS has been designed to support best practice organisational and process models and to address the well known practical problems of measurement, change management, and business control.

qBOS enables:

  • Compliance with standard requirements, with minimum effort, time and cost;
  • Easy participation of management, employees, customers and suppliers  in quality processes;
  • Business Performance Measurement and continuous improvement;
  • Integration with existing ERP or work flow applications;
  • Knowledge management linked to every task performed in the organisation.

The qBOS Enterprise Quality Support Suite comprises the following core components:

  •          Business Performance Measurement;
  •          Customer Interaction;
  •          Supplier Management;
  •          Standards Compliance-ISO9001-2000;
  •          E-learning;
  •          Project Quality Management;
  •          Risk Management;
  •          Change Management.




Quality, in an organisational context, is defined as the totality of features and characteristics of an enterprise that bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.


Total Quality Management is a way of continuously improving work practices to maximise the benefit of all stakeholders including customers, shareholders and employees. 

qBOS solutions can be customised to support limitless processes in order to satisfy business and regulatory  requirements. 

Compliance to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, HACCP etc., are customisable modules that can be integrated in the operational practice.


qBOS is supported by the
kBOS technology which enables easy customisation and a full range of integration possibilities

 The key enabler of qBOS Solutions is improved customer satisfaction:

  •          Improved customer communications;
  •          Improved understanding of customer requirements;
  •          Rapid response to customer requests.

The net effect is organisational ability to deliver higher customer value at lower cost.


qBOS creates an immediate and clear picture of how an organisation works and supports business control  to optimise performance. It ensures regulatory compliance, improves the value of the enterprise and reduces financial/personal risk.


 The key characteristics of qBOS Solutions are:

  •          Definition and use of Business Performance Measurements;
  •          Visibility of Process and Project Status;
  •          Effective monitoring of Suppliers Performance;
  •          Integrated knowledge management and training;
  •          Cross process change management.

qBOS provides special tools for designing and controlling processes, document templates and reports. The Process Designer tool allows users to specify graphically the operational processes of the company and the documentation is produced automatically for each process. A template and report designer allows users to create their own system documentation. Automatic version control is available for templates, documents, business objects and processes.

A large number of organisations in all sectors have adopted the qBOS Quality Suite realising benefits within weeks. qBOS is recognised as one of the most effective business improvement tools with unlimited flexibility and extendibility.


The main benefits are:

         Increased sales associated with improved customers interaction and improved quality of products and services;

         Reduced costs by identifying low value,  redundant, or poorly performing processes, projects or products;

         Increased productivity by directing up to date information and knowledge to employees, customers and partners;

         Reduced cost for compliance to regulatory and business standards;

         Competitive advantage by reduced time required to realign investment, processes, projects and products with rapidly changing business needs.




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