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11/30/2015 3:19:35 PM
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kBOS Health care software

Addressing requirements in Healthcare practice management with MediBOS

Today we can observe radical change in the way that health care delivery is being implemented; with information and telecommunications technology having a central role in new strategies.

Movement of health care delivery towards the primary sector and the home setting could result in substantial benefits in terms of health outcome, social provision, cost effectiveness and resource utilisation, particularly in relation to the management of chronic disability in care of the elderly.


The main challenge for many health care practices and health centres is how to maintain and improve quality of care yet contain costs.


MediBOS provides custom built health care systems that provide flexible practice management software modules and extensive integration options addressing directly the quality objectives  and cost constraints.

Main Functionality

MediBOS Health care solutions

Health care practice   management

Scheduling Patient Visits, Surgery, Care Plans

Medical Records


Supplies management

Medical forms



Health care community  integration

Integration with existing applications

Integration with suppliers

Integration with hospitals and national health systems

Integration with medical information

Web based communications

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