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kBOS Shipping software

SeaBOS- the kBOS Shipping Software Solutions

Shipping is based on a dynamic, heterogeneous network of trading partners which creates a particularly challenging environment for IT solutions. To date, shipping software has not affected the competitiveness of shipping companies as in other industries and therefore many shipping companies remain reluctant to invest in software systems. The recent advances in software technology and the cost benefit advantages of current computer and communication technology is, however, causing an increase in demand for shipping IT systems.


SeaBOS represents the next generation of shipping software. SeaBOS solutions are designed to support the rather unique requirements of the shipping sector with the distinct advantage of the wide range of technological possibilities offered by the kBOS platform.

SeaBOS supports shipping processes utilising innovative integration models and provides integrated knowledge management facilities to shipboard and shore based personnel.

SeaBOS Key characteristics

  • Cost effective custom built solutions to support existing practices and IT systems;
  • Emphasis on user defined, tested and refined software;
  • Applications build utilising leading edge web technologies to create long term investments;
  • Provide shipping companies with a range of work flows as web services for integration with their existing applications or business partners;
  • Support shipping companies with a range of e-learning processes including e-training.


The technological innovation relates to the way leading edge technologies are brought to deliver custom built shipping software solutions with advanced integration facilities. These integration facilities have been researched in specifically in the ARETOPS project and more recently in the TELEMAS project. These two projects have addressed shipping software  integration, knowledge management and usability and have established innovative shipping specific models, languages and tools that are exploited in SeaBOS shipping software solutions.

Advantages of SeaBOS shipping software

SeaBOS software is based on web technologies and  can be tested by shipping companies before deciding on any investment.


The reference SeaBOS model


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