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Message brokering approaches

In general, message brokering, transformation and the business processes are controlled through a single hub that acts as a client to all involved applications. Changes to the API and other interfaces of the applications, as well as the addition of new applications, require modifying and updating the hub or centralised business process engine. Even if a standard client interface is used on the hub side, the owner of the hub, not the application, has complete control over the business process.

Additionally, the current messaging constructs are based on the client-server methodology of request/reply. This requires both sided communication, whether synchronous or asynchronous, between any two nodes on the network. As communication cannot flow directly between network participants but, rather, must pass through the original request initiator, information that needs to be sent to a third party, the system becomes extremely inefficient. Publish/subscribe messaging may be great for information or data dissemination, but it is highly impractical for obtaining responses to specific queries.

Finally, the resulting system itself becomes a legacy system because the code written for a specific business process can quickly discarded, as the dynamic nature of business and Internet requires immediate transitions in process.

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