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11/27/2015 10:07:23 AM
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A highly complex integration project between a kBOS work flow solution and the TUXEDO based SAT core system of the Greek Central Securities Depository was successfully completed.     

We have reached 100 installations in SME organisations of kBOS based e-business solutions  ranging form customer management, to quality management to e-commerce.    

New innovative portal based on kBOS technology including integration with mobile devices to provide Greek tourism information. 

kBOS based organisation-wide system delivered to ELEPAP, the Greek institution providing health care and educational support to children with special needs.

The CSRQuest consortium tests the first prototype of e-learning  services for Corporate Social Responsibility built using the kBOS platform-

INLECOM Ltd launches new Advanced Business Intelligence Solutions providing a unique combination of BI analytics and the unified process and knowledge management kBOS technology-

The STAiR Project will use a kBOS knowledge networking solution to support the European Commission to develop, together with the Member States, additional knowledge and a better understanding of the role and effectiveness of various types of state aid measures to R&D-

The quality management suite qBOS version 3.0 has been released utilising the advanced reporting facilities available from the kBOS platform and new measurement management functionality.   

The kBOS technology is to be used in new contract for the development of a Software Engineering Services portal by K-NET and software enginnering consultants EMBROS.    Sekn

The kBOS platform is used to provide semantic web services supporting business networking of various actors involved in sea based Door to Door transportation services. An ontology has been developed for this purpose.

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